Current Condition

As part of the Council’s Heritage Strategy 2006-2010, Monaghan County Council commissioned Fred Hamond to carry out an Industrial Heritage Survey of the canal in 2008.

The report from Fred Hamond breaks the canal into sections and examines the condition of each section and the architecture associated with it, eg locks and lock houses, bridges, milestones. Each lock is numbered, with Lough Neagh providing the starting point. (The length of canal between each lock is called a Reach. The length of canal

One of old Masonry Bridges on the Monaghan Town Greenway

which passes through Monaghan town starts at Lock 15 Silverstream and goes a short way beyond Lock 19 Tully West Lock).

The Hamond Report lists all the features in each Reach, lists their condition and classifies their importance as being local, regional or national. A list of the features is provided in Appendix 1.

The Report also describes the condition of each Reach – whether the tow path is still intact, whether the canal is watered or not etc. This information is provided in Appendix 2.

Photographs of the condition of each structure as at 2008 are also included.

Industrial Heritage Survey of Ulster Canal Fred Hamond

CANAL INVENTORY Appendix 1 Hamond Report

CANAL INVENTORY Appendix 2 Hamond Report


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