The Ulster Canal Greenway is a proposed network, almost 190km in length, of Greenway routes following the line of the Ulster Canal and other disused railway routes to connect many of the main towns, villages and tourist attractions through the mid-Ulster region.

The Greenway is a work in progress.  It started off in 2013 with the opening of a 4.2km section through Monaghan town. Funding is in place for Phase 2, which is due to open in 2021, and plans are being put in place for future sections.

All of the Local Authorities along the route are working in partnership with Waterways Ireland to develop the Greenway network.

This website will provide information on the sections of greenway already open, and about the development of future phases.





4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. William Dargan talk by author Fergus Mulligan in the Ulster Canal Stores, Clones on Wednesday 24th October 2018 @ 7:30 pm. Admission €5

  2. I intend goiing to managhan next june
    What sections of canal can you cycle along(please give distances of those sections)

    1. Hello Jerry. Presently, Phase I of the greenway is open. It consists of 4.2km through Monaghan town. At the western end of the town,, the greenway finishes beside Rossmore Forest Park, which has many walking and cycling trails and is Coillte’s no.1 most visited park in Ireland. Phase II of the greenway is still under development, and is unlikely to be open by the time you visit. But you never know!
      Hope this helps

  3. Sounds as if its gonna be a great Greenway in the border area. Will bring my bike . . . Get her done!. . ( when will phase 2 be completed? . . Hope the oul farmers are giving plenty ‘ thumbs up’. . . Lol

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