Public Consultation Phase 3, Smithborough to Clones Route Options

Route Options for Phase 3 of the Ulster Canal Greenway between Smithborough and Clones have now been developed. Public Consultation events are being held for communities along the proposed route of the Greenway. Landowners, local communities and the general public are invited to attend one of these events to review the route options and to provide feedback to the project team. These drop-in sessions will be held in;

Smithborough Community Hall, Tuesday 26th October 5-8pm
The Courthouse, Clones Wednesday 3rd November 5-8pm

Click on the link below to view the Project Brochure which includes drawings showing the route options and details of how you can provide your feedback.


One thought on “Public Consultation Phase 3, Smithborough to Clones Route Options”

  1. An excellent scheme that hopefully will extend northwards following the old canal route to Lough Neagh. A minor point: “tow-path” not “toe-path”. The towpath was originally used by horses towing barges along the canal.

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