New Artwork commissioned for Greenway

Monaghan County Council is pleased to announce that its sister organisation, the Blackwater Regional Partnership, has secured just under £50,000 sterling from the PEACE III Programme/  NI Arts Council to commission a piece of sculpture to be placed along the Greenway.

The sculpture is to serve as a reminder of the role the Ulster Canal once played in facilitating the flow of people and goods through the region which came to be divided by the Border, and also to express the hope that it will once again fulfil that role in its new life as a Greenway in the coming years.

Artists Maree Hensey and Mark Ryan are working with three local community groups to finalise the design of the piece, which it is hoped will be in place before the end of the summer.  Thanks to Monaghan Neighbourhood Youth Project, Teach na nDaoine Homework Club and the National Learning Network for participating in this project.

You can follow progress of the community workshops here:

How selfish can you get?!!!

Ooh we are so angry! Found this guy parked on the greenway cycle lane on the mall road for over an hour this eve. So what’s the big deal? It’s a contra flow cycle lane on a one way street. He’s forcing cyclists out into the oncoming traffic – and since it’s a one way street, motorists arent going to be watching out for them. But sure nobody ever uses it: emmmm yes they do – almost 70,000 in its first 12 months, many of whom were children. Maybe he didnt realise: yes he did – we have spoken to the gentleman personally and explained the hazard politely. He knows he could cause someone to be killed. Sure maybe it was just the once: the guy lives on the mall road. We see him parked here regularly. Maybe there was nowhere else to park?: wrong again. The ENTIRE right hand side of the mall road, starting just 10 yards from where he is parked in this photo was EMPTY. this guy just doesnt give a s#!+. People of Monaghan, please share this post to let this guy know that putting our children’s lives at risk merely so he has 10 yards less to walk to his house is NOT OK. thx. Rant over – for now……


Happy Birthday!

The first section of the Ulster Canal Greenway, from the Bypass into Old Cross Square, is now open a year. So we thought we’d mark the occasion with a look at the usage numbers.

49,485 visits were made along the Greenway during 2014
5,666 of these were made by bikes
43,819 were on foot

The second section, from the Glen Road to the Threemilehouse Road, opened in mid May 2014. In its first six months, this section has seen 35,624 visits; 4341 on bikes and 31,283 on foot.

We’d especially like to thank those mad runners who use the Greenway in the dark with headlamps strapped to their foreheads for helping to boost our numbers!

But our favourite user of the year was the young man in the motorised wheelchair who was seen speeding along with his bicycle-mounted friends. They were having a ball!

Hey Good Looking!

The Greenway has finally taken delivery of its ‘face’, that is the Signage which marks the route.
There are ‘trail head’ signs on the Armagh Road, Old Cross Square and Threemilehouse Road, complete with a map of the route and QR codes linking you to more information online. Every junction of the greenway is now also marked with smaller ‘mini-monolith’ signs. The logo will shortly be painted onto the footpath to flag up any turns the user has to make. So no excuses now for getting lost!!

Pictured below are the Municipal District Elected Members, along with MD Co-Ordinator Donal McElwain, inspecting the trailhead sign on the Armagh Road.

Jan 15 044

Ecocamp Visits Greenway

The Ecocamp in Teach na nDaoine, organised by the Monaghan County Council’s Environmental Awareness Officer, Nial O Connor, visited the Greenway last week and declared it a resounding success. The new Biodiversity information signs, erected by Monaghan Tidy Towns on frames constructed by the Men’s Shed, were also a big hit. Well done to all!


ecocamp on greenway July 14 kids with bio sign