New Artwork commissioned for Greenway

Monaghan County Council is pleased to announce that its sister organisation, the Blackwater Regional Partnership, has secured just under £50,000 sterling from the PEACE III Programme/  NI Arts Council to commission a piece of sculpture to be placed along the Greenway.

The sculpture is to serve as a reminder of the role the Ulster Canal once played in facilitating the flow of people and goods through the region which came to be divided by the Border, and also to express the hope that it will once again fulfil that role in its new life as a Greenway in the coming years.

Artists Maree Hensey and Mark Ryan are working with three local community groups to finalise the design of the piece, which it is hoped will be in place before the end of the summer.  Thanks to Monaghan Neighbourhood Youth Project, Teach na nDaoine Homework Club and the National Learning Network for participating in this project.

You can follow progress of the community workshops here:


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