Happy Birthday!

The first section of the Ulster Canal Greenway, from the Bypass into Old Cross Square, is now open a year. So we thought we’d mark the occasion with a look at the usage numbers.

49,485 visits were made along the Greenway during 2014
5,666 of these were made by bikes
43,819 were on foot

The second section, from the Glen Road to the Threemilehouse Road, opened in mid May 2014. In its first six months, this section has seen 35,624 visits; 4341 on bikes and 31,283 on foot.

We’d especially like to thank those mad runners who use the Greenway in the dark with headlamps strapped to their foreheads for helping to boost our numbers!

But our favourite user of the year was the young man in the motorised wheelchair who was seen speeding along with his bicycle-mounted friends. They were having a ball!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!”

  1. We installed electronic counters Ger. Every time someone passes, it breaks an infrared beam. And the metal in the bikes triggers a magnetic loop laid into the path

  2. Hi Carol,
    phase 1 of the greenway is a brilliant success, i use it regularly. Its a tremendous asset to the town. A lot of people use it and i hear only good reviews about it.
    I am wondering what is the progress regarding Phase 2, say from the end of the Threemilehouse Road to Smithboro, has there been any funding for it and will this project ever go ahead ? and in what timeframe?

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